Victoria Niblett


likes to think of dancing as a craft just like the iron work in her “Magic City” of Birmingham, Alabama, so she approaches movement and dance making with this same brand of dedication and care. Because of this mindset, she has a dance career characterized by patient attention to detail and invigorating significance in every step.


Let me tell you a story…


The storytelling tradition runs deep in Victoria’s Southern roots and from a young age she found herself passionate about collecting as many stories as she could. For Victoria, stories fused the intangible to the tangible, contextualized her identity, and created significance in community connection. Victoria uses the universal language of movement and dance as her preferred storytelling medium and strives to place value on the exchange of art, culture, history, and humanity to assuage what she sees as a universal longing for understanding. Through her choreography, she expresses a wish that the audience breaks through the fourth-wall of the performance and relates with the dancers and each other through intellectual curiosity and empathy. She believes message-based movement about universal truths is an effective way to forge this relationship and cultivate an audience-performer connection.





has been training in dance since the age of two, and continues to dedicate her time to learning more about her craft.

She recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Alabama with a degree in dance and public relations and an honors college distinction that allowed her to take classes through the UA Law School while an undergraduate. During college, Victoria balanced her academic endeavors with performances on UA’s official dance team the Crimson Cabaret, the state’s premiere student-produced concert Dance Alabama!, and the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre company. While a part of the Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre Company, she was cast in works by Quianping Guo of the Vaganova Ballet Academy, Lawrence Jackson of the Cleo Parker Robinson company, Natosha Washington of The Penguin Lady Dance Collective, and more. In her final semester, Victoria presented award-winning research in Choreography and United States Copyright Law for the Research and Creative Activity Conference and collaborated with Sarah M. Barry and Andrew Raffo-Dewar on the Sonic Frontier Series concert.

After graduating top of her class, she was able to travel to New York to study floor work, partnering, and contemporary movement under Shannon Gillen and her visionary dance theatre company, VIM VIGOR. 

Victoria was honored to be accepted as a full-time professional student at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in New York. She recently performed with the school in “Ritual to the Sun” from Martha Graham's 1981 ballet, Acts of Light.

Victoria is currently working with the state of Alabama for its bicentennial celebration on a Storytelling Dance Series and has been thrilled to receive numerous choreography commissions and artist residency opportunities for this project. Her choreography for the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum and her performance as Zelda gained international attention. Her work “Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch” was received with a standing ovation at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference in Toulouse, France this summer. 

Victoria launched Jellybean Dance Collective in December of 2018, and is the current director of a budding interdisciplinary moving arts company focused on storytelling and arts integration. She is also a current company dancer for Formations, directed by Whitney Renfroe, and will debut with the company in September.

She can also be found at national and international dance conventions, festivals, workshops, and performances. Most recently, she traveled to Hermosillo, Mexico for the Danzética convention where she teaches modern and contemporary movement and Montrouis, Haiti to teach tap and creative movement classes. Her work in dance education is highly sought after because of her genuine investment into her students and their dance journeys. She grew up watching her mom teach dance and learned a lot from her about differentiation in the classroom. This taught Victoria how important it is to get to know your students personally to cater to their unique learning styles. Victoria loves to inspire young artists to discover their dreams, and aims to give them the tools and confidence to achieve them. With her choreography and teaching residency at Encore Performance Company, her students have won regional and national titles in dance and have gained special recognition for technical execution and choreography.