Parking Places

When I was scrolling through Pinterest on a flight layover on my way back home, I came across a quote that read “the road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.” I had just finished up a very tough weekend of work. My feet were throbbing and my back was sore, but I smiled.

This quote stood out to me amongst the others on my Pinterest feed and I began to think. The simple words flooded my mind and I began to think about my current path.

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.” Wow. How powerful words can be.

In my own journey toward success in school, work, relationships and dance, there are moments I still hit a plateau or get stuck in a rut and think that this is it. I would be happy and satisfied if THIS was what I was doing for the rest of my life. There are still times I am afraid to step out on a limb and go for my “dream job” in dance and choreography and think I would be happy doing the comfortable plan B. But that’s just it, being blindly happy is just another temptation on the way to being overwhelmingly joyful.

I think these moments of satisfaction, comfort and happiness are inevitable in everyone’s stories, but it’s so important to stay hungry and not give in to these comfortable stopping points, when you can achieve so much more and be so much more fulfilled. I am not dismissing the accomplishments or happinesses I currently have, but I have to look forward in hope and think, my best days are just around the corner.

The best is YET TO COME.

The parking places on the road to success often disguise themselves as successes or mountain tops. While these things are still important and honorable, larger and more significant successes and joys are just down the road if you just always keep climbing!

If all of this power is within us, and if we can change the world as we know it, why do we settle for less? Maybe it is because we do not realize the power we have. Maybe it’s because we lack the confidence to fully pursue what we were designed to do. Maybe it’s because we are so distracted by the parking places that we lose our vision of the road. Whatever it is, it can be overcome. I think it’s so difficult to keep your eyes on the prize and direct focus to what’s ahead, but the result has promised to be worth it.