Sweet Home Storytelling School Performance: Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby

One way the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series achieves its goal of inspiring others to engage with our state’s history is to present at Alabama schools. Today, I got the incredible opportunity to talk to a group of 11th grade high school students reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Of course we got to discuss the themes of the book as well as dive deeper into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and link to Alabama; but today we were also able to talk about arts’s place in their curriculum and how messages of history and literature can be communicated through movement.

I took the time to present some of my research today on Zelda Fitzgerald and talked to the students about my opportunity to present this research to the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society in Toulouse, France. I was able to talk to students about pursuing dreams and acknowledging passions because of my own fortune to get to do so in my current life.

The bicentennial is an opportune time for remembering Alabama’s history and gaining tools to build a better tomorrow; my project hopes to capitalize on this exciting time in our state by investing in our future.

I am thankful to my alma mater Mortimer Jordan High School for hosting me today and giving me a platform to talk about my project and the AL 200 organization.

The Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series tailors each appearance to meet the school’s specific needs and I’d love to hear from my teacher friends how you think arts and context to the Alabama Bicentennial can enrich your curriculum!

I have my Prezi below. If you’d like to have me speak at your school, or want my notes, please reach out to me through email at jellybeandancecollective@gmail.com.