Five Things Friday

  1. Something I’ve Got Going On


The Fitzgerald Society has invited me to present my research on Zelda Fitzgerald and “Three Ballerinas” in Toulouse, France at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference.

It is an HONOR to be included in this international opportunity, and I can’t believe I was invited to present! I hope to shed light on the legacy of Scott and Zelda in every step, and I can only do this with YOUR HELP!!!!!

EVERY donation counts! 100% of the proceeds go straight to transportation costs, rehearsal space rental, lodging in Toulouse for my dancers, and the production!



2. Something I’m Listening To

I made this playlist to house some really nice, relaxing, groovy tunes that make me feel like I’m just floating in a pastel world of cotton candy. I discovered some new artists while listening to an old favorite: Sea Oleena. Sea Oleena has always been an artist I love and respect, and I was glad to dive in on Spotify can find some other songs to tickle my fancy.

Go grab yourself a fancy cup of black coffee and listen to this playlist whilst reading a newspaper (the good ole fashioned paper version.)

Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazerr makes me want to groove!

3. Something I Want to Try

I want to try to break the habit of waking up, rolling over and reaching for my phone for a morning scroll through social media. I’m thinking of breaking this unhealthy morning routine and replacing it with something better. I hope to start my morning by washing my face, grabbing a cup of coffee, and spending at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time before I get to work! (This might mean I actually need to start waking up a bit earlier…)

Maybe make that two or three cups of coffee!

4. Something I Want

I’m currently on a trip (my first time to Seattle followed by my first time to Minnesota) and my mom let me use her super cute carry-on since my sweet pink baby suitcase bit the dust at the Tower of London! Her carry-on is a great dusty blue color hard cover suitcase by Travel Select and I love it, but I miss the SPACE I had in my old pink one.

Most people don’t believe me, but I took a 10 day trip to Europe with just that carry on TWICE! It was just incredibly spacious, and served all my needs. I’m on the hunt for a new carry on! I’m keeping my eyes peeled! I have lots of traveling planned for the summer: Las Vegas with family, France for dance, and Orlando for work! Then I’m home for two weeks and I head to Haiti!

5. Something I’d Like to Accomplish

I’m working on the first theater show for Jellybean Dance Collective! Wooooo! I’m announcing the date on Tuesday on a live video on Instagram @victorianiblett. I’d like to create a professional and important first show that achieves my goals for accessibility, engagement, understanding, and storytelling. I hope that people leave the show wanting to share with and listen to others. And of course, I hope that it is a substantial fundraising effort for our performance in France.