Five Things Friday

  1. Something I’ve Got Going On

After years and years of people suggesting I try it, I did, and I’VE BEEN BITTEN BY THE PILATES BUG! I just started Teacher Training at Club Pilates and I am loving it. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the start of my senior year of college, I went through a lot of changes in my physical routines and diet. At the beginning of college, I was heavily working out with the Crimson Cabaret dance team and doing so much to push myself and my body.

I loved working out, and as a dancer my whole life I’ve always loved pushing physical limits, but I knew after this change in my health started really weighing on me, I had to make some changes to my physical routines to survive. I have always loved being active, but things I used to love began to feel miserable. My joint pain and inflammation made it difficult to do things that should be easy to an active 24 year old, like climbing a flight of stairs or walking through a grocery store. I began to live a more sedentary lifestyle to avoid pain and this not only caused significant weight gain, but also just general unhappiness and loss of purpose and identity.

I took my first Pilates Reformer class a couple weeks back and FELL IN LOVE. Pilates is incredibly restorative and I love being able to work out and find stability in my muscles and joints again. I highly recommend taking Pilates! There are also some good deals at Club Pilates happening right now for new members.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 06.41.59.png

2. Something I’m Listening To

You know how the first crisp winter day is also the first of Bon Iver season? There’s just something about winter that makes Bon Iver that much more enjoyable (maybe it was intended? i.e. the name of their group is a play on “good winter”)

I feel the same effect when yearly obligations on a school calendar begin to come to a close and the Southern summer air begins to get hotter and hotter.

That is perfect time for some good folk music to stomp my feet to! Right now, I’m obsessed with the song, “Hem of Her Dress” by First Aid Kit and it’s getting my blood pumping and ready for summer.

Full foot stompin’ playlist coming next week!

3. Something I Want To Try

Last time I wrote that I wanted to try and break the habit of rolling over and reaching for my phone for a morning scroll. It’s been a little harder than I thought to be honest… Especially because a lot of the work I do is on social media or on my phone sending emails and whatnot. However, I’m still trying to replace my morning routine with something a little healthier than getting right to work so….

Some of you won’t believe this but…. I’ve been waking up earlier and going to bed earlier

Once, upon a time I was a morning person. This is not the case anymore and my mornings are NOT filled with songbirds and Disney Princess-esque escapades. I cite the shift as my shift in schedule and so it’s harder when I’m working afternoons/evenings to not stay up late to “wind down.”

Who knows? But as the summer comes and my schedule’s shifting yet again, I want to get into a better routine as I wake up.

4. Something I Want

This is incredibly frivolous and not a necessity, but hey, it’s a want so by definition it’s not usually fueled by necessity. But I am really wanting a pair of these Levi’s Ribcage cropped flares. I tried them on in Dublin and I got obsessed! The fit is so different and with a long waist, the ribcage look was exactly what I needed to have a true “high waisted” moment because most high waisted things are a “normal” waist on me.

Screenshot 2019-05-09 06.24.18.png

5. Something I’d Like to Accomplish

I’m almost finished with the visual marketing materials for the June 8 show “Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch” happening at The Dance Foundation.

I got help from my little brother and my collective member, Kendall on the design and I can’t wait to reveal it to everyone! Follow @jellybeandancecollective on Instagram for more information and to see the new marketing materials.

RSVP to the show happening on June 8 here!

I want this show to be successful, and the measurement of that success is more than the number of people in the chairs or the donations at the door. To me, I will feel this show is successful if I can walk away knowing I honored Zelda Fitzgerald’s legacy and told the truth to someone who hadn’t heard it or hadn’t processed it before. I will feel successful if I can clearly tell a story to someone through dance. I will feel successful if I perform my very best and produce my very best creative output. I will feel successful if someone leaves the show believing dance is a proper vehicle for research and study. I will feel successful if someone new gets to access and find ownership in the art of dance. I will feel successful if someone leaves the show believing dance can be bigger than itself and it has more function than aesthetic beauty or physical exercise.

There are other, deeper things I wish to measure as successful, but I won’t exhaustively detail them all. On my website though, I say that the goal of the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series is that “you can see all the stories Alabama has to tell and what makes this state a “Sweet Home” worth commemorating, celebrating, and investing in for a brighter future.”

And I hope that this show can do exactly that, or at least plant a seed.

Copy of Spring is here!.png