Way Too Long Since I've Updated This Thing, Wednesday

Well, I’ve missed QUITE A FEW Five Things Friday in the whirlwind of the past month! We’ve had a full blown theater show, and traveled to France for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference. Now, I’ve hopped on another plane and arrived in Orlando for some more dancing!

  1. Something I Love

I don’t want to be too broad and say FRANCE, but wow, I just absolutely loved every last bit of my first trip to France. It was beyond my wildest dreams, and I could not believe as I was walking down the Seine that THIS is my real life. When I was just a little girl, I watched Madeline, dreaming of Paris… And here I was so full of happiness and life in the middle of Paris!

It was an absolute fantasy getting to perform internationally for the very first time in this beautiful place at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference. I never dreamed that I could find a way to combine all my passions - and here it was, a real testament that all the different lives I imagined for myself culminated in this experience.

I loved getting to hear from BRILLIANT Fitzgerald scholars doing such important work, but my favorite was a panel by Meryl Cates on Zelda and her love for ballet. It was just marvelous, and inspired me so much to continue forging my own path in dance scholarship and research on Zelda Fitzgerald.

I loved French food, lazy mornings, cappuccinos, croissants, evenings on the river, architecture, museums, art, and inspiration in the air.

This was also the first international trip I was able to take with my fiancé, Ben. It was incredible to have him there to experience all of these things with and share with him this huge part of myself that awakens when I travel. It was also exceptionally nice to have his support in the audience as I embarked on such an exciting, but nerve-wracking journey into the future I imagined for myself as I presented my research on Zelda Fitzgerald. I loved getting to celebrate this season of life with him.

La Vie En Rose


2. Something I’m Inspired By

My students have worked so hard this year, and today, we arrive for National Dance Honors in Orlando, Florida. They’ve grown so much as little humans and mature artists. I am so excited to see their hard work on stage.

3. Something I’ve Got Going On

Well, my soul’s a stirring! I’m working on an interview with Nathalie Vincent-Arnaud for the academic journal Miranda. We crossed paths at The Université Toulouse Jean Jaurés during the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society Conference. I can’t wait to share the interview with you!


4. Something I’m Looking Forward To

It’s coming up soon, but Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald would be turning 119 on July 24! She once said that she dreamed of “Utopias where it’s always July the 24th 1935 in the middle of summer forever.” On her birthday, we’re cooking up a party with the Fitzgerald Museum!


5. Something I’m Listening To

I. LOVE. BON. IVER. So naturally, I was very excited to hear this song. Listen, and let your ears sigh.