Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love

I love this article about arts integration and how it makes other subjects come alive. In the article, it says art is INTEGRAL not extra and I couldn’t agree more. A mission I had when creating Jellybean Dance Collective was to use dance, movement, and composition to help elevate other subjects like history and literature.

2. Something I’m Looking Forward To

I’m headed to Haiti on Monday with Project Grace to dance with and love on the community of Montrouis! I always feel most “me” and most purposeful, happy, and meaningful when I’m in Haiti. I can’t wait to reconnect with those beautiful souls!


3. Something I Am Listening To

4. Something I’ve Got Going On

I am very excited to announce Jellybean Dance Collective’s next show, Alabama Ghost Stories happening on October 18 at The Dance Foundation.

“Alabama Ghost Stories will combine the Southern oral storytelling tradition with movement and dance for a unique audience experience of Alabama folklore. This performance will explore classic tales as well as the universal theme of how this Deep South state relates to its past.”


5. Something I’m Inspired By

I truly love the entire visual direction of euphoria from makeup to costuming to lighting, and I’m definitely inspired by their use of color to convey emotion. The entire soundtrack/ score is absolutely beautiful and captures the essence of the characters and places them in the present so well. If you haven’t heard Labrinth’s work, definitely give it a listen! Also, Zendaya and Hunter Schafer… true icons of this generation.