Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love

I love my new cut and color from Wheelhouse Salon Downtown. (Hannah is the BEST y’all!) I got to show it off along with my BRAND NEW wedding planner from The Knot that I was just gifted from Alabama Weddings Magazine in front of our potential WEDDING VENUE, the historic Alabama Theatre!

Look out for me on the Alabama Weddings Magazine Instagram!


2. Something I Learned

Al Capone’s business card said he was a used furniture dealer.

I learned this random tidbit after reading up on the famous bootlegger when my brother came home from Philadelphia talking about his tour of the Eastern State Penitentiary. Al Capone’s time in this Philadelphia prison was not for his mob ties or alcohol bootlegging, but actually for carrying a concealed, unlicensed weapon. He was arrested outside of a movie theater in May 1929 and given the maximum sentence of one year in prison.

Philadelphia newspapers noted that Capone's cell contained fine furniture, beautiful rugs, tasteful paintings, and a fancy radio. He liked to listen to waltzes in his cell. Al Capone's Cell is on view during all public hours of the Eastern State Penitentiary, and is included with admission to the historic site.


3. Something I Accomplished

I’m still in the process of accomplishing this, but I’ve done a HUGE closet purge. It’s been hard letting go of some clothes because of the sentimentality and memories, but it’s definitely for the best. I definitely need to downsize and of course stop hoarding clothes that I wore last in 2011…. But, it’s been hard to determine what I want my personal style to look like as I approach the first marker of a quarter of a century on this earth. I know 25 will bring so many exciting things with it, but I’m wondering about what stories my clothes will be a part of now!

If you’re interested in looking through the things I’m getting rid of, shoot me a DM on Instagram @victorianiblett. I have plenty of things that are new with tags or just worn once incluuuuuding, this Show Me Your MuMu jumpsuit that I am heartbroken to get rid of, but must… It’s an XS if you’re interested!

Mumu Jumpsuit.jpg

4. Something I’m Inspired By

ALWAYS Hozier of course, but especially the new Almost music video he just released on the 16th of this month. The song itself vibrates in my bones, but especially watching the artists in this video collaborating and celebrating just made me smile!

It makes me want to create, create, create! Thanks Hozier!

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To

I have a meeting on Monday about Jellybean Dance Collective’s FIRST ever theater show! Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Instagram.

alabama book festival.jpg

Seven Things Saturday... WHOOPS X3

Well... One of these days I’ll remember what day it is. Honestly, I think it’s my subconscious trying to tell me that I can’t just tell you “five” things, so maybe Five Things Friday might forever turn into Seven Things Saturday? Hmmm…. Let me think about it.

  1. Something I Love

COOKIE DOUGH! My darling heart B took me out for a long awaited date on Friday evening. It’s been quite a while since we’ve even been in the same time zone, so this night on the town was much needed. We decided it was a special occasion to be in the same county, so we deserved something sweet. On our quest for a celebratory dessert, we tried out the new “Cookie Dough Magic” in Avondale and we both fell in love!

This cookie dough is safe to eat raw, and there are 10 delicious flavors to choose from. You can combine flavors, get them in a flavored cone, and really craft something you’ll love so we were excited to try.

B got “Fancy’s Peanut Butter” and “Brownie Batter.” Yummy! That flavor combo is almost a more iconic duo than me and B. ;)

I decided to go a little off the wall (of course) so I got “Magic Dunks” in a lavender flavored cone. It was soooooo cute and definitely an “Insta-worthy” dessert. Hey, the phone eats first, so presentation is definitely a category on which to judge your food in 2019! But, even as beautiful as it was, IT WAS EVEN MORE DELICIOUS!!!! Here is how this perfect dessert was described on the Cookie Dough Magic website: “Do you remember DunkARoos? This combo of Teddy Grahams, vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles is sure to bring on the 90's nostalgia!”

If you haven’t made it to Cookie Dough Magic and you’re living or passing through the Birmingham area, you should definitely plan a trip!


2. Something I Learned

There really might be a Loch Ness monster…

But, it isn’t a sea snake and it wouldn’t look like Godzilla.

It would actually just look like a fault line in the earth’s surface.

The Great Glen Fault in the Scottish Highlands has been a hot topic of study for years. This fault is recognizable to us because it includes the mysterious Loch Ness, and it’s a reason it has the shape and characteristics it does now.

According to Live Science “The Great Glen fault is more than 62 miles (100 kilometers) long and cuts the Scottish Highlands into northern and southern halves. The strike-slip fault, where rocks slide past one another with no vertical movement, is largely responsible for creating Loch Ness, the deepest freshwater lake in Britain. (The San Andreas Fault and Anatolian Fault are also considered strike-slip.)”

When the earth tremors, it would create bubbles on the water’s surface and look like a monster is swimming beneath the murky, mysterious black waters. MWAHAHA!

But perhaps even more interesting than the Loch Ness Monster being a fault line, the Great Glen Fault Line’s existence could suggest that part of Scotland is geologically similar to Canada in North America. Before the Caledonian Orogeny about 450 million years ago, the rocks of Scotland, Scandinavia and North America were one continent, while on the other side of the now-vanished Iapetus Ocean lay the rocks of England and the rest of northern Europe. 

I’m not a huge geology fan, but this cool story rocks. Get it?… hehehe


3. Something I Accomplished

I am sooooo excited that Changé was presented at this year’s “Black Warrior Film Festival.” I acted, danced, and choreographed for this film, and I am unbelievably humbled to have worked on this project with such a stellar director, Danielle Wilcox, and such an awesome crew.

I fell in love with film during this process, and I’m itching to work on some more. Let’s get rolling!

untitled shoot-162.jpg

4. Something I’m Inspired By

The OA. Part II now streaming on Netflix.

Brit Marling is a genius, and her commitment to the art of acting, filmmaking, writing, and artistry is unmatched. The OA team is brilliant and there are so many beautiful ideas swimming in their minds.

The visual direction is gorgeous, and without ruining too much of the Part II that was just released, I have enjoyed every bit of the visual motifs. Something about the visual direction of this show, and obviously the movements, are incredibly inspiring to me choreographically. One of my favorite shots from the first episode is from above watching Karim walk the docks. I don’t know why, that shot just gave me chills.

Also… I’m currently obsessed with the name Prairie. Anyone else?

Screenshot 2019-04-06 19.47.32.png
Screenshot 2019-04-06 19.47.08.png
Screenshot 2019-04-06 19.46.46.png

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To


And so is the eighth season of Game of Thrones! In just a week, the highly anticipated season premiere will grace our televisions. To say I’m excited is an understatement!!!!!!! I’ve got my dragon-glass ready, and I’m prepped to braid my hair like the Khaleesi every Sunday til the season finale.

I’m almost finished with Fire & Blood, the book detailing the Targaryen history. It has been SUCH a good read, and I’m thankful B gifted it to me for Christmas. I can’t help but come up with lots of theories for how the final season will end since Game of Thrones is always on my mind in some way shape or form.

I won’t bore you with my insane theories or stories about the Targaryen lineage… But, I’ve got an article to share about Game of Thrones tourism in Northern Ireland that I was featured in with my friend Grace!!

It just so happened that on the day I headed to the Haunted Forest, Winterfell, Walder Frey’s Twins, and Robb Stark’s camp, that a correspondent from The Guardian had tagged along.

On our trek, we got to chat with him. Here’s what came of it!

Screenshot 2019-04-06 20.13.51.png

6. Something I’ve Got Going On

DID YOU SEE ME ON THE ALABAMA BOOK FESTIVAL AUTHORS AND WORKSHOP LEADERS PAGE?! I am so thrilled by the opportunity to host a panel at Alabama Book Festival on April 13 in Old Town Montgomery. My workshop will be at 2 PM in the Loeb Center. This presentation will feature the research I’ve been doing on Zelda Fitzgerald as well as how this relates to Alabama’s Bicentennial and storytelling at large. I am unworthy to be included amongst such strong, brilliant minds, but I am honored nonetheless!

I can’t wait!

Come on out for an awesome day of fun on April 13! My panel is FREE to attend.


Screenshot 2019-04-02 12.11.22.png

7. Something I’m Listening To

So, if you aren’t following me on Spotify, you should be. I think that I have pretty doggone good taste in music even if I do say so myself. Yes, sometimes my Spotify is littered with dance class music and my Discover Weekly often includes “Ballet Goes Pop” so I often have to listen to Barbie Girl for 4/4 Jeté Combination… But overall, I think I have some cool tunes.

Despite this playlist being titled, “trash” there’s some good songs on here.

I know I’m late to the party, but I’m looooooving Poppy as a visual artist right now. I want her hair color of course, the jacket she wears in the Your Mommy video, and the entire outfit she wears in I Told You So needs to be in my closet RIGHT NOW. I’m on the hunt for her all pink outfit in the So Close to You VR experience video too. Honestly, I just want all of her clothes…

I can’t believe I watched a video of her petting a computer monitor for a minute and 12 seconds in pink platform shoes and striped tights, but for some reason I did. I also watched her buckle her shoes for 6 minutes and 28 seconds and iron a sandwich in a grilled cheese tutorial…. Why?

(Let’s address that no, I don’t want to join a Poppy cult and I really get the heebie jeebies from her Poppy.Church stuff and so doooooon’t take me liking some of her stuff thaaaat far.)

I do think some of her other stuff is brilliant in its own right separately, and as an artist and content creator in the digital age she’s really got her own space. She’s got a really unique voice in commentary. Bleach Blonde Baby is so great, and her collab with Diplo in Time Is Up is so smart. I loved all the visuals in the music video, and absolutely live for her white jumpsuit. (again with the clothes….)

On another note, I BLAST “Holly” by Sleigh Bells when I’m alone in my room so I can properly throw my hair around and jump on my bed. It’s not a good driving song because I want to imagine that my little Mustang Sally is a monster truck and I can off-road and do cool stunts like drive off a bridge…

So I think I’ll stick to the alone in my room head banging like a rebellious teenager in an indie coming of age movie.

Though, at 24 I’m starting to realize head-banging is kind of a pain in the neck…

Ten Things Tuesday... WHOOPS X2

Well, I’m still in the land of forgetting what day it is except to board my next plane or hop on a bus, so yet again I am posting a belated Five Things Friday!

I’m writing this in Dublin Airport drinking a cucumber, celery, spinach, and lemon juice from Marquette. Yummy! We’re waiting on our gate announcement for our flight back to London. I can’t believe my trip is coming to a close and I go home tomorrow!

It’s definitely bittersweet going back home each time, but I think I’m ready for some Alabama blue skies!

For now, here’s ten things!

  1. Something I Love

Tea Time!

This tradition is charming, but it’s also super tasty. I’m thinking I might still observe tea time and have myself some fruit scones once I get back to the U.S. I was never a huge tea drinker before I took this trip to London, Scotland, and Ireland, except for unsweet tea with a Splenda. (look I know it’s not good for me okay?!)

Now though, I might reach for that English Breakfast tea with a splash of cream and sugar…

Does anyone have a recipe for a Victoria sponge cake?!


2. Something I Learned

While I was on a coach tour through the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness, our guide Graham told us the harrowing story of the MacDonald massacre of Glen Coe.

Around the first of February, soldiers led by General Robert Campbell were shown the famous Highland hospitality from the MacDonald clan of Glen Coe and received shelter, food, and water. These people broke bread together for two weeks then on February 13, 1692, the MacDonald clan of Glen Coe was slaughtered by their houseguests in the night. It’s estimated that 38 men, 2 women, and 2 children were killed with many others that ran away to the mountains dying from exposure.

This display of inhumanity is a complex history and there’s so much to read about, but even though 1692 seems far away to us, this massacre has left a scar on Scottish history that still impacts Scots and Highlanders today.

On a lighter and tangential note, the famous Highland hospitality is apparently the reason for phrases like cold shoulder and warm welcome.

I recommend the Heart of Scotland coach tour through the Highlands and Loch Ness for sure! If you are in Edinburgh, definitely check it out and ask for Graham as your guide.


This is a folk song about the massacre of Glencoe that our guide played during our drive.

3. Something I Accomplished

Well, I did it! I made it to the top of Arthur’s Seat!

This is not a mountain by any standard, but standing at the summit, 823 feet high, had me thinking I was on top of the world!

The hike wasn’t a leisurely Sunday stroll and I tripped a couple times, so I felt accomplished when I made it. I was breathing heavy, and my legs were sore, but it was worth it. It felt like heaven standing that high above the city and seeing the world from that high up.

I knew why it was a famous and popular hike once I got to the top.

Something I found out that interested me: Arthur's Seat has a passing mention as one of the sights of Edinburgh in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 11.26.44.png

4. Something I’m Inspired By

On our tour of the Edinburgh castle, we got to go down into the prison where prisoners of war were held. During the Revolutionary War, an American soldier was captured that etched an early depiction of the American flag onto the wooden door of the cell. Something about that conviction and power just took my breath. It was incredible to see that it withstood the test of time, and the ideals that person believed in I am celebrating today as an American.

I love to travel and experience other cultures, but I love my home and I’m proud to be an American. Political climates change and our leadership changes, but freedom and the American Dream are timeless.

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To


The Fitzgerald Society has invited me to present my research on Zelda Fitzgerald and “Three Ballerinas” in Toulouse, France at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference.

It is an HONOR to be included in this international opportunity, and I can’t believe I was invited to present! I hope to shed light on the legacy of Scott and Zelda in every step, and I can only do this with YOUR HELP!!!!!

EVERY donation counts! 100% of the proceeds go straight to transportation costs, rehearsal space rental, lodging in Toulouse for my dancers, and the production!



6. Something I’ve Got Going On

DID YOU SEE ME ON THE ALABAMA BOOK FESTIVAL AUTHORS AND WORKSHOP LEADERS PAGE?! I am so thrilled by the opportunity to host a panel at Alabama Book Festival on April 13 in Old Town Montgomery. My workshop will be at 2 PM in the Loeb Center. This presentation will feature the research I’ve been doing on Zelda Fitzgerald as well as how this relates to Alabama’s Bicentennial and storytelling at large. I am unworthy to be included amongst such strong, brilliant minds, but I am honored nonetheless!

I can’t wait!

Screenshot 2019-04-02 12.11.22.png

7. Something I’m Listening To

So, I haven’t really been listening to a ton of music since I’ve been in Europe because I’ve been on the go, but one artist that’s been tickling my fancy lately is Sevdaliza. I really feel like a cool girl listening to Human. Listen on Spotify at the link below.

8. Something I Want to Try

I’m thirsty for adventure and physical challenge after this recent travel experience. I want to try rock climbing and bouldering, but I’ve never tried to before, so I’ve got to start with some practicing. Who knows? Maybe I’ll love it. Maybe it will be like crafting or putt putt golf and I’ll be royally terrible about it.

9. Something I Want

It finally happened… My beloved pink carry-on suitcase bit the dust….

This suitcase has been around the world with me. I even carried it up the 204 steps of the White Tower at the Tower of London. But then, on the cobblestone streets… the wheel popped off.

So, I’m looking for a new carry-on. I’ve seen a lot of things about Away suitcases, but I’m still on the hunt.

Screenshot 2019-04-02 12.57.48.png

10. Something I’d Like to Accomplish

Well, I’ve been bitten by the bug. After all the walking in Europe, hiking Arthur’s seat, and watching people walk the Scottish Highlands, I have my sights set on something bigger.

I’d like to hike the Inca Trail in Peru and explore the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Here’s a link.


Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love

I am currently in a deep hole watching everything on TheLongHairedFlapper’s YouTube channel. I love the historical accuracy of her beauty recommendations and the thorough research she puts into each edition. She even has a video on how to make your own eyeshadow with a real recipe from 1919!

I found her while I was looking for a video on how to do a faux bob for long hair. I’ve been doing my faux bob and pincurls the same way forever, and I was wondering if there was a better way! I found her channel and absolutely fell in love with her vintage video editing, ragtime music, and of course the Buster Keaton poster in the background above her typewriter!

I linked her 1920’s playlist below beginning with a Clara Bow inspired look she did on her friend! Check it out!

2. Something I Learned

While I was in college studying public relations, I heard over and over how the removal of female underarm and leg hair was an idea schemed by advertisers. I was always like “yep. I believe it.” So, I did. I knew that there seemed to be a shift in attitudes about armpit hair in 1915 when Harper’s Bazaar was talking about a new trend in sleeveless dresses, which exposed women’s previously covered arms. And the fashion trends of the 1920s seemed to add to women’s desires to shave their legs.

But what I also didn’t realize was it was coupled with the introduction of new technology such as the the 1901 invention of a safety razor with disposable blades and the 1919 packaging of instant shaving cream.

I linked the entire Vox article below about how the trend that lots of people thought would go away became the mainstream and accepted norm. It was pretty interesting how each and every ad seemed to prey on the self-consciousness of women and tell them what was appropriate or not…

"If we were dean of women, we'd levy a demerit on every hairy leg on campus." - Harper’s Bazaar, 1941

What do you think?


3. Something I Accomplished


My passion project, the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series, was featured in Marjorie Magazine’s events calendar! Marjorie Magazine is a magazine connecting an international vintage community, so I am thrilled to be featured by their amazing publication.

This Saturday’s performance can also be seen featured on the digital sites and social media of Alabama Writers’ Conclave, Capital City Press, and the Fitzgerald Museum.

EEEEeeep! I’m excited!

4. Something I’m Inspired By

Y’all…. I have an actual artistic genius as a brother. Check out his latest dance film inspired by Carrie Mae Weems “The Kitchen Table”

I am obsessed with this hypnotic movement and strong focus. OOOoooo I get chills. Watch it.

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To

On March 16, 2019 Alabama 200, the Fitzgerald Museum, and I are presenting a very special installment of the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series for Women’s History Month. I am psyched!!!!!! This is our biggest event yet, and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

Also, we got a site makeover. Go check it out! Soooo thankful for Thomas Lucas (a.k.a. BamaBear for the photography!)