Six Things Sunday... WHOOPS

So, I’m writing this partly in a TEA GARDEN IN LONDON and a HOSTEL PARLOR IN EDINBURGH!!!!! Wooooo! I feel so cool sipping my tea and typing up a blog… Or maybe I just look like Kermit the Frog….


I accidentally forgot to post a Five Things Friday in the heat of traveling and adjusting to UK time, so while I’m waiting on my travel friend, the Missandei to my Daenerys, the Monica to my Rachel, the Romy to my Michele, the Dionne to my Cher, the Ethel to my Lucy, I’m writing a quick Six Things Sunday to make up for it!

  1. Something I Love

I just saw my first international dance show. I'm so glad I got to spend the day sight-seeing and the evening watching Saburo Teshigwara’s dance interpretation of Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot at the historic Coronet or “The Print Room.”

Watching this show, and hanging out in the indie-famous underground lounge was nothing short of a beautifully satisfying atmospheric experience for my enneagram type 4 soul. haha

I was curious about this show of narrative based choreography based on a novel, and I thought it would definitely help me to see how a Bessie Award winning choreographer and internationally renowned artist would tackle storytelling. It helped me sooo much and definitely inspired me to try some new things.

Seeing a show like this definitely helped me understand structure and movement messaging, and I CAN’T WAIT to get back to the studio to keep creating and shaping my “Three Ballerinas” work and research on Zelda Fitzgerald! I’m thankful for the experience of watching such beautiful dancing tonight to get me acquainted with this new city and get me inspired for my own projects to come!

If you’re in London, or want to follow his choreography, here’s a link to the show.

Screenshot 2019-03-23 06.31.45.png

2. Something I Learned

F. Scott Fitzgerald was potentially behind one of Football’s greatest innovations (or at least a subconscious inspiration for it)

I had known about F. Scott’s passion for football for a very long time. In fact, his obsession with the sport goes deep! Not so fun fact: it’s actually believed he actually died with the Princeton Alumni Weekly newspaper in his hand reading about a recent Princeton football game, but last weekend Alaina Doten (the director of the Fitz Museum) mentioned on a tour that he’d been an innovator/inspiration of the two-platoon system of football.

DON’T BELIEVE ME?! Read alllllll these links below.

Also… Princeton has more football national championships than Alabama… (and definitely Auburn)

Scott, highlighted in color, in his football uniform

Scott, highlighted in color, in his football uniform

3. Something I Accomplished


The Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series event at the Fitzgerald Museum last Saturday was a success!!! I was thrilled by the opportunities we had to facilitate important dialogue about the strong women of Alabama’s history, and what we can do to shape our state’s future.

I still need your help though!!!

The Fitzgerald Society has invited me to present my research on Zelda Fitzgerald in Toulouse, France at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference.

It is an HONOR to be included in this international opportunity, and I was invited to present! I hope to shed light on the legacy of Scott and Zelda in every step, and I can only do this with YOUR HELP!!!!!

EVERY donation counts! 100% of the proceeds go straight to transportation costs, rehearsal space rental, lodging in Toulouse for my dancers, and the production!




4. Something I’m Inspired By

While in London, I was able to go to the John Keats Home and Museum. It was absolutely unreal to have the experience of walking through his house and standing in the garden where he wrote his “Ode to A Nightingale.” I have always been inspired by his poetry, and I can get lost in the romanticism.

But, I must say I did have good fun trying on bonnets. Can we make them trendy again?!

IMG_4477 2.JPG

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To

Early tomorrow morning, I get the opportunity to hike the famous Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland. What I didn’t know was Arthur’s Seat is actually an extinct volcano! It is a part of the hills that form Holyrood Park, and the very top of Arthur’s Seat is described as the best view in the city. I know it won’t be an easy hike…. But, I want to make it to the top. Everyone I’ve talked to has really emphasized its grandeur, but I am thrilled nonetheless even though my little feet may be squealing by the end of it.

Arthur’s Seat is described by Robert Louis Stevenson as "a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design.”

I’m making the hike with my friend, Grace. She’s done the hike before, and so I’m happy she’ll be going with me.

Screenshot 2019-03-24 16.37.44.png

6. Something I’ve Got Going On

DID YOU SEE ME ON THE ALABAMA BOOK FESTIVAL AUTHORS AND WORKSHOP LEADERS PAGE?! I am so thrilled by the opportunity to host a panel at Alabama Book Festival on April 13 in Old Town Montgomery. My workshop will be at 2 PM in the Loeb Center. This presentation will feature the research I’ve been doing on Zelda Fitzgerald as well as how this relates to Alabama’s Bicentennial and storytelling at large. I am unworthy to be included amongst such strong, brilliant minds, but I am honored nonetheless!

I can’t wait!