Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love

It is not often that my entire family is in one place, and any chance we get to enjoy some time together is so precious. We’ve taken the past week as a family to relax and enjoy the city of Las Vegas, and it’s been an absolutely marvelous time. The weather has been beyond perfect, and we even got a little sprinkle of rain here in the desert! We’ve seen a show, pigged out at a famous Las Vegas buffet, gone to the Marvel station and experience, explored, and just loved our time together. I will treasure these memories forever.

2. Something I’m Inspired By

I am just in awe of the sheer talent and artistry of the brilliant Sabina Vafina. She is truly a force of nature and I am still speechless on what she was able to create for my little dance collective. I cannot begin to tell you how much I valued our collaboration and I am honored to have been a part of her canvas. She is… wow. She just amazes me. Here is a photo that she did for us in a patch of heaven down some back roads in North Alabama.

This pose is inspired by a strong woman from Alabama, Zelda Fitzgerald - taken from her sketch Three Ballerinas. The Jellybean Dance Collective is performing our interpretation of Zelda Fitzgerald’s sketch on June 8 at The Dance Foundation. Come on out, y’all!

Southern Girls-190.jpg

3. Something I’ve Got Going On

I was absolutely honored to be featured on People of Alabama, a project of the Alabama 200 organization that shares the stories of our Sweet Home state. It is such a lovely platform to share and listen to the people around you and learn so much about the world we inhabit. Read my story on People of Alabama’s Instagram and Facebook or catch it in Sunday’s Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville newspapers.


4. Something I’m Looking Forward To


5. Something I’m Listening To

Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love


I LOVED getting to go to The Museum of Pop Culture. It was a really interesting museum full of different interactive and engaging exhibits. I had fun getting to hop on this 1980 Honda CM400a Hondamatic motorcycle that is a reproduction of the bike that Prince rode in the movie Purple Rain.

(Now I’m going to be singing that song all day.)

I think the fantasy exhibit was my favorite! I got to see Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and other stuff as well as an enchanted forest and a sleeping dragon. I had no idea, but I should’ve known, that “Fantasy” is the oldest genre of storytelling. Isn’t that neat? The museum writes “Once a way of explaining a seemingly unknowable world, the genre still resonates as an escape from our everyday lives into realms of myth and magic.”

I also had a chillingly good time hopping into the “Scared to Death” horror exhibit! I’m a fan of classic horror like Dracula and Frankenstein, but beyond that, I’m pretty much a scaredy cat!!! But, it was still an exhibit I’m glad I didn’t miss! Here’s a photo of me the very moment that something sinister started whispering at me while I was trying to get a photo op in the coffin. Needless to say, I was chilled to the bone and I’m not hopping into any coffins anymore any time soon! But, it was a great time! I highly recommend the museum.

Don’t forget your student ID when you’re traveling for a discounted ticket!

2. Something I Learned


I learned that the “Jazz Age” was officially born on May 1, 1919 in the date line of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “May Day” which was first seen in July 1920 appearing in The Smart Set and then in 1922 as part of Tales of the Jazz Age.

Read more about it and its background here

3. Something I Accomplished

Copy of Spring is here!.png

YOU GUYS! I’m so excited and happy right now to share this with you!

I am just tickled to announce that Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series is hosting its very first theater show and premiering the work, Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch on ‼️ JUNE 8, 2019 AT THE DANCE FOUNDATION! ‼️

This will be the work we’ll take to the Fitzgerald Conference in France later that month and we are thrilled to premiere it in Zelda Fitzgerald’s home state of Alabama!

Admittance to the show is just by DONATION and every cent of the donation goes straight to funding the dancer housing in France during the conference, trains from the airport, and future community performances.

RSVP on Facebook here

4. Something I’m Inspired By


My heart just leaps every time I listen to Sleeping at Last songs, but I am incredibly inspired by their podcast as well. Their podcast is a little bit of a “How It’s Made” kind of podcast, and listening to their artistic process gets me excited to make things of my own!

Find out how to listen to their podcast here

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To


My students at Encore Performance Company have worked so very hard this year! I am looking forward to the Showcase of their work this Saturday at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center. This will be such an exciting time, and I can’t wait to see them shine under the stage lights.

Sweet Home Storytelling School Performance: Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby

One way the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series achieves its goal of inspiring others to engage with our state’s history is to present at Alabama schools. Today, I got the incredible opportunity to talk to a group of 11th grade high school students reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

Of course we got to discuss the themes of the book as well as dive deeper into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life and link to Alabama; but today we were also able to talk about arts’s place in their curriculum and how messages of history and literature can be communicated through movement.

I took the time to present some of my research today on Zelda Fitzgerald and talked to the students about my opportunity to present this research to the F. Scott Fitzgerald Society in Toulouse, France. I was able to talk to students about pursuing dreams and acknowledging passions because of my own fortune to get to do so in my current life.

The bicentennial is an opportune time for remembering Alabama’s history and gaining tools to build a better tomorrow; my project hopes to capitalize on this exciting time in our state by investing in our future.

I am thankful to my alma mater Mortimer Jordan High School for hosting me today and giving me a platform to talk about my project and the AL 200 organization.

The Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series tailors each appearance to meet the school’s specific needs and I’d love to hear from my teacher friends how you think arts and context to the Alabama Bicentennial can enrich your curriculum!

I have my Prezi below. If you’d like to have me speak at your school, or want my notes, please reach out to me through email at

Five Things Friday

  1. Something I Love

I am currently in a deep hole watching everything on TheLongHairedFlapper’s YouTube channel. I love the historical accuracy of her beauty recommendations and the thorough research she puts into each edition. She even has a video on how to make your own eyeshadow with a real recipe from 1919!

I found her while I was looking for a video on how to do a faux bob for long hair. I’ve been doing my faux bob and pincurls the same way forever, and I was wondering if there was a better way! I found her channel and absolutely fell in love with her vintage video editing, ragtime music, and of course the Buster Keaton poster in the background above her typewriter!

I linked her 1920’s playlist below beginning with a Clara Bow inspired look she did on her friend! Check it out!

2. Something I Learned

While I was in college studying public relations, I heard over and over how the removal of female underarm and leg hair was an idea schemed by advertisers. I was always like “yep. I believe it.” So, I did. I knew that there seemed to be a shift in attitudes about armpit hair in 1915 when Harper’s Bazaar was talking about a new trend in sleeveless dresses, which exposed women’s previously covered arms. And the fashion trends of the 1920s seemed to add to women’s desires to shave their legs.

But what I also didn’t realize was it was coupled with the introduction of new technology such as the the 1901 invention of a safety razor with disposable blades and the 1919 packaging of instant shaving cream.

I linked the entire Vox article below about how the trend that lots of people thought would go away became the mainstream and accepted norm. It was pretty interesting how each and every ad seemed to prey on the self-consciousness of women and tell them what was appropriate or not…

"If we were dean of women, we'd levy a demerit on every hairy leg on campus." - Harper’s Bazaar, 1941

What do you think?


3. Something I Accomplished


My passion project, the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series, was featured in Marjorie Magazine’s events calendar! Marjorie Magazine is a magazine connecting an international vintage community, so I am thrilled to be featured by their amazing publication.

This Saturday’s performance can also be seen featured on the digital sites and social media of Alabama Writers’ Conclave, Capital City Press, and the Fitzgerald Museum.

EEEEeeep! I’m excited!

4. Something I’m Inspired By

Y’all…. I have an actual artistic genius as a brother. Check out his latest dance film inspired by Carrie Mae Weems “The Kitchen Table”

I am obsessed with this hypnotic movement and strong focus. OOOoooo I get chills. Watch it.

5. Something I’m Looking Forward To

On March 16, 2019 Alabama 200, the Fitzgerald Museum, and I are presenting a very special installment of the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series for Women’s History Month. I am psyched!!!!!! This is our biggest event yet, and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT.

Also, we got a site makeover. Go check it out! Soooo thankful for Thomas Lucas (a.k.a. BamaBear for the photography!)