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Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch
3:00 PM15:00

Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch

Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series, a project of Jellybean Dance Collective for the Alabama Bicentennial celebration, presents Three Ballerinas: A Moving Sketch.

Three Ballerinas is a sketch by Alabama native Zelda Fitzgerald, an artist, dancer, painter, writer, and icon of the Jazz Age. The Jellybean Dance Collective interprets the three figures seen in Zelda's sketch to represent the three facets of a singular entity: mind, body, and spirit. The trio on Zelda's page moves in an intricate dance of identity expression based on three parts of one whole. While this performance's narrative draws heavily on Zelda's own experience with the coexisting of mind, body, and spirit in a singular self, this story is a universal one.

Each of us understands the journeys between the harmony and discord of our three selves and their direct impact on identity expression, and the experience of both the internal and external worlds.

This work is performed in honor of Zelda Fitzgerald and hopes to promote the truth surrounding her legacy as well as her own contributions to the artistic realm. Ultimately though, this work wishes to tell Zelda's story in a way that makes each of us realize the importance of creating and telling stories of our own.

Entrance to each performance is a donation that will go straight to the collective's journey to France for a performance at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference, and funding future community performances.

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Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series: Zelda Fitzgerald
11:00 AM11:00

Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series: Zelda Fitzgerald

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The F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum and Victoria Niblett's Jellybean Dance Collective will be presenting a very special performance of the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series for F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s 99th wedding anniversary on April 3!

The Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series was created with the goal of inspiring others through the universal language of movement to engage with our state’s history in a unique and interdisciplinary way. The bicentennial is an opportune time for remembering Alabama’s history and gaining the tools to build a better tomorrow; this series hopes to capitalize on this exciting time in our state.

The Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series hopes that through these performances, you can see all the stories Alabama has to tell and what makes this state a “Sweet Home” worth commemorating, celebrating, and investing in for a brighter future. 

On April 3, you will be able to engage with the legacy of Alabama native and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame member, Zelda Fitzgerald.

After the ten minute performances at 11 am, 12 pm, and 1 pm a short Q&A will be held to facilitate discussion and educate audiences on this incredible Alabamian and the impact she made.

This educational series will be held amongst the galleries of the Fitzgerald Museum as an immersive exhibit, and allow you to truly experience the creative energy of the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald wrote their respective novels, Tender is the Night and Save Me the Waltz.

Between performances and discussion, there will also be time to tour the beautiful Fitzgerald Home with a knowledgeable guide throughout your visit!

This event is for EVERYONE, not just dancers, literature fans, or arts lovers. It is family friendly and will engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Come on out to the beautiful Fitz Museum on April 3 to connect with Alabama’s history in a fun and unique way! 

Please adhere to the museum admittance fee of $10, though donations directed to funding more performances of the Sweet Home Series are also graciously accepted.

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Women's Month Performance at the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum
11:00 AM11:00

Women's Month Performance at the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum

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Come watch this VERY SPECIAL edition of the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series project. This performance will feature Chapter One: Zelda Fitzgerald and Chapter Three: Tallulah Bankhead.

But wait there’s more…. On March 16 for International Women’s Month, the Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series will premiere TWO NEW CHAPTERS!

Chapter Five: Ruby Pickens Tartt and Chapter Six: Vera Hall

You’ll see Victoria Niblett as Zelda, Morgan Moore as Tallulah, Eryn Cade as Vera, and Grace Kurosaka as Ruby.


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8:00 AM08:00

Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series, Chapter Two: Alabama Black Bear

We’re getting ready for Alabama's 199th birthday on December 14 of 2018! To kick off the birthday week, a mini performance of Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series will be held at Bryan Elementary. This chapter will focus on the Alabama black bear population and will educate students from kindergarten to fifth grade in an inclusive assembly. The performance will last 5 minutes with a subsequent Q&A session and educational discussion for audience members to have a chance to contextualize the subjects discussed and encourage inquiry for further educational materials, literature, art, and history books.

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