What is Jellybean Dance Collective?

Jellybean Dance Collective is a means to share the stories of my home and my world in my favorite language, the universal one: movement.
— Victoria Niblett, Founder

 Why Jellybeans?

The Jellybean Dance Collective is named such for a variety of different reasons, and of course is a nod to the whimsy and variance of the candy and my affinity for sweets. However, the name struck inspiration most significantly from Zelda Fitzgerald, an Alabama native, the original flapper of the Roaring 20s, and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, that is said to have performed in a dance group called “The Jellybeans.”

Later in Zelda’s life, she is rumored to have also co-written her husband’s short story, “The Jelly Bean” for Tales of the Jazz Age. The jellybean’s appearance in American colloquialisms and slang dates all the way back to the 19th century, and as a history and literature lover, I thought there was nothing that fit more perfectly my vision for innovative storytelling through the universal language of dance.