Let Me Tell You A Story 

Work in Progress

October 28, 2018

Choreographed by Victoria Niblett

Performed by Caroline Gilroy, Emma Herron, Madeline Moore, Victoria Niblett, Camryn Vivien, and Kate Willingham

Music by Daniel Hart; The Voice of Kathryn Tucker Windham

A Project of Jellybean Dance Collective

Portion of the Project “Sweet Home Storytelling Dance Series" made possible by a grant from the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and the Town of Morris, Alabama

The storytelling tradition runs deep in my Southern roots, and I’ve been an avid collector of stories throughout my young life. As I began to grow and desire to tell my own stories, I discovered that my preferred storytelling medium is the universal language of movement and dance. I have been drawn to narrative based choreography since my first venture into dance making, and I long to craft messages drawing on the community, significance, and hope I’ve experienced growing up as an Southerner.